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Flightless Bird - I’m bored guys…Lets rp! *)
Flightless Bird
"HI! I'm Penguin. I'm with the Heart Pirate Crew and I'm here to answer anything you want to know!"
(*forgive me. I may be a little OOC and I'm still editing some things. Just getting used to everything here :) I also rp. I don't bite so just ask haha and I love questions so...ask away!!!*))
I’m bored guys…Lets rp! *)

October 24, 2012 with 4 notes
  1. apricotsaregoodforyou said: "Dad. Really. Mom’s really weird. She’s being really nice…"
  2. thedemonarchaeologist said: "Penguin-san, how are you?" Robin smiled to him.
  3. mikness said: I replied the last one with made o3o
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